Monday, April 8, 2013

March, all wrapped up.

I think I blinked and March was gone – but, lots of good things happened in that peculiar month.

St. Patty’s Day 5K got my butt back into race mode, getting second female in 20:08. I ran the hilly course with Kristin and Julie, finally racing again with my loved trio. The race was up in Snoqualmie Ridge, which in my mind was not far off from mini Pleasantville. The cutest little town, but just straight up bizarre.

Winter quarter at UW wrapped up. Finals week turned my brain to mush but my 3.7 quarter GPA was well worth a straining seven day headache. Yes… 3.7! Excuse my bragging moment, I worked hard for that sucker :)

Spring break was the perfect week well spent. Started off as a snow bunny for three days with the fam in Sun Valley - skiing, running, dining, bar hopping, outdoor hot tubbing… embracing the ski bum lifestyle and playing the role of serious dedicated tourists. I captured some gorgeous photos from my birds eye view over the Cascade range on our way there.

Almost a 3 hour flight Seattle to Sun Valley, up and over the Cascade Mountain range.
Sister, Dad, Me.

Then from Sun Valley to Yakima Valley for spring wine tasting with my man! Started out by online booking the “Ho Jo” only to pull up to the hotel (more like motel 69) and tell him we are NOT staying here – booked the Hilton for a spendy $10 more. Lesson learned. 

The first winery we visited: Cultura Wine, Yakima Valley. 
Second winery: Silver Lake Winery
Third stop: Portteus Winery, Zillah. 
And my fave of them all: Two Mountain Winery. I bought a bottle of their 2011 Rose, so incredibly good. 

We had so many laughs on this trip, it was such a great time - one of those vacations you never want to end. We ventured out into the wine country and met some of the most humble people and wine makers. Their pace of life is vastly different than city living and it was awesome to experience - slow down my one speed motor brain and unplug for 48 hours. And of course the camera never stopped clicking.

Now, it's April! Back to focusing on running, finally. Time for my body and mind to get back into training mode simply because I haven’t felt fully complete lately. Who knew: avoiding the track slowssss you down.

April 1 started my new training plan – no fools here. Next post will tell the story: new race plan + my next race.

What are you April goals? Are you marathoning for April’s #marathonmonth?

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