Back in May 2012  Sally gave us a challenge. Instead of coming into the office at Oiselle that day, we were to explore the question of what running means to us. You can link to my little design project here, or scroll through my running career in pictures below. 

Why do you run? "Ultimately I run because it’s my way of life. It gives me a schedule, makes me productive, happy and comfortable with who I am. I run because it changes my day from feeling ordinary and potentially stressful, to feeling a sense of motivation that’s driven by accomplishment. I run because it is the one thing in my life that consistently encourages me to be a better person."

Bishop Blanchet High School Cross Country and Track & Field

Meee, my incredible high school coach Kristin Metcalf, & teammates Julie and Courtney.

Chasing down Kristin (aka @oiselle_team!) after XC State Championships my senior year.

First year in college at University of Oregon, I ran for the UO club team.

Then the tables turned! I became a University of Washington Husky my sophomore year in college and ran XC and Track & Field in winter and spring. Most memorable year of my running career thus far.

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