Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Seattle #RunForBoston.

April 22, 2013

Tonight was one for the books :)

#RunForBoston groups gathered all over the country today and Seattle was a city not to be missed. We may be nearly 3.1 thousand miles away, but from West to East Coast there was a common thread among many tonight. Runners spirits were high, camaraderie was felt, hearts were touched, all in honor of courageous men and women at Boston Marathon who are continually in our thoughts and prayers. 

Today was simply gorgeous. To say the least, it was an empowering day trying to create balance from last week. I'm starting to realize it now that todays run was one that will be talked about year after year. One of those unique runs that you instinctually remember. 

Hats off to every runner who has dedicated miles either today or in the future to uplift the spirits of Boston and give them the strength they need to recover. Thank you to Seattle's top running store Super Jock n' Jill for hosting us all, and to everyone who helped bring our community together. And of course to Oiselle Team for coming out so I could see you all! Every night is a memorable night when spent with my one and only family who will go the distance to create positive change, no matter how far.

Photos from the day. 

Short walk to the big event. @katronbomb, @blackeyedpeanut, Amy, Leaven, and Troop-myster! (Oiselle's undercover mascot)

#RunForBoston Seattle style, Green Lake Park. 

A sea of 200+ runners is a sight to be seen.

Where did you #RunForBoston? I'de love to see your photos + hear your story.


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  2. I did my #RunForBoston in Charleston. See my summary here: http://runningshoesandsunshine.blogspot.com/2013/05/run-for-boston.html