Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Can't outrun the flu.

I should have known hanging around so many sicklings the past few days that I was bound  to catch a cold or some kind of sickness. I spent the entire day with my sister doing some Sunday shopping when the night before, her and my dad caught the flu and were sick all night Saturday. Let's be real, I was asking for it. Sadly, after leaving Julie's birthday dinner early last night because I felt nauseous, that was only the beginning to a loongggggg night. No more details necessary, but the flu got the best of me.

I took a few pieces of advice from Mac's "Runner's Sick-Kickers" list from last week. Echinacea, zinc lozenges, water, water, water, water, and rest.  One thing I swear by to this day is good ol' ginger ale and saltine crackers. No idea why it helped but I swear it saved me last night when my body felt like I was in a coma and being hit by a bus!

The hardest part of it all is wanting to run and knowing how silly it would be at the same time. A few days off won't kill me and even though today is "Track Tuesday" in my workout world I know I can shake this sickness faster if I'm smart about it. Two weeks until Seattle Half means staying positive and just revising my run schedule:

May be a little ambitious for how I'm feeling right now, but I'll see how I feel tomorrow and reevaluate while I try to stay sane. 

When you're sick how much time do you take off of running? Does running ever make you feel better? 

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