Thursday, November 8, 2012

B-day Recap & Oiselle Run

Birthday bash is almost over (one more dinner on Friday night, lucky me!) and it was seriously a crazy fun packed entertaining weekend to say the least. The best way to explain the celebrations is through pictures, but for a short recap, my girl friends came into town from Oregon and helped me celebrate through shopping, dining out, getting our nails done, throwing a party at my casa, and bar hopping in Seattle. And after singing Taylor Swift's new song "22" on repeat the entire day until I was singing it in my sleep, I'm beginning to think 23 could not come any sooner. (Click on that link if you haven't heard it, she's just brillianttt).

Having old best friends in town and spending a whole weekend with them was definitely a trip down memory lane, recapping my Freshman year at UO and wining over how college goes by in the blink of an eye. The perfect way to celebrate, here's how it went down.

Turning 22, in pictures.

Of course it began (and ended) with the red cup. We trekked over to Starbucks near my mom's house. She met us for coffee and rambled on and on and on about baby stories that I've heard a million times. Then we were off to downtown for some serious shoppin..

Damage was done around the city and we stopped by Nordstrom Cafe to fuel up on their unbelievably yummy salads before we headed back to Greenlake... 

We decided (well, I decided) last minute to make an appointment at a nail salon that opened up right near my place about a month ago. I can't remember the name of it but the service was pretty hilarious. At one point the lady looked at my friend Kelly and asked her to finish taking off her OWN nail polish while she started on the next girl (hense Kelly's reaction below on the far left, hahaa). I get it, we brought in 5 girls unexpectedly, but really?? May or may not go back.

My boyfriend Josh came over when we were all getting ready and brought these beautiful yellow roses that are still blooming on my kitchen counter, and my roomie set out champagne for mimosas in the morning!

And more and more food trickled in...

We threw a little birthday bash at my place with a bunch of girls I've become close with over my college years, from UO to UW friends from running cross country and track my sophomore year.

Eventually the party got moved to a friends house in the neighborhood, and we had ourselves a mighty good time.

Thankfully daylight savings time was in our favor and us lucky ducks got an extra hour of sleep that next morning. I was meeting a bunch of Oiselle gals in front of HQ at 10 am for a run I was not about to miss.

Solidarity 5K for #TeamEMC.
November 4th was a special day in itself because while the NYC Marathon was planning to be run, Every Mother Counts was promoting solidarity 5Ks for anyone around the country to run in honor of maternal health awareness. Oiselle gathered a group of 8 women who all met at HQ and ran around Greenlake and up through Upper Woodlawn to cheer on our new teammate Shannon! It was awesome getting to see some everyone again and it was definitely decided that these sporadic meet ups need to happen much more often.

OOH. And before I forget.
If you follow me on instagram, you most likely saw my new obsession and all time favorite gift to shoot my running addiction through the roof: a new GPS watch from my bf! I got many twitter comments on this watch asking how well I've liked it so far (called the Nike+ Sport Watch) and so far everything has been smooth sailing except for a minor bump today. I couldn't get it to link this morning after walking around aimlessly for 10 minutes trying to find "satellites," BUT... the look of it, the light weight, and all of its features are exactly what I need in a watch to help me keep track of my pace and intervals. Here's a little looksie of it (I debated between the black and yellow or the all black, but they also have white too).

It's a gem, and a keeper.

There ya have it, last weekends recap posted a week later (it's okay, I know I'm talking to a wall). Ultimately for me, school comes first and sporadic blogging has to happen when papers need to be written too!

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