Sunday, October 28, 2012

Fun Run Victory

While most people showed up to the Zoo Pumpkin Dash 5K in full costume from little monkeys, to elephants, lions and, the most memorable, a man in a full body zebra spandex suit (say that 10 times fast)... I showed up like this:
Second time wearing my Oiselle singlet and first time in Oiselle & racing flats, it totaled a dangerous combo. 5K fun runs are meant to be funny and light hearted with no nerves creeping around, and that's what I love about them. But stepping up to the start line it didn't matter how many lions and cheetahs were puzzily staring at my full blown racing kit, cause I was ready to feel like a cheetah and "race my little heart out" as mama used to say.  

I had 2 goals for this race. 1. Negative splits, and 2. Run sub-20 for 5K. One out of two accomplished was a pretty successful way to finish. In the first mile I hit 6:16, thinking to myself how I blew my first goal outta the water going out just a leetle too fast. But the last 2.1 miles I pushed myself harder than I thought I could. There was a pack of five ahead of me and I managed to catch them around mile 2. Negative splits weren't happening but a sub-20 was still in sight. The two women ahead of me were working together and with 100 meters to go I snuck up behind them and kicked my roga butt into gear, finishing with a 19:52 and a 1st place female finish (the bird on the right)! 
Not every race is the best race yet or gives me confidence to dominate the next one, but I think each race motivates me in its own way to keep training and getting faster on the track. This race was a "fun run" in a nut shell. It was the perfect bench mark that I needed to think more realistically about Seattle Half on November 25th. $70 left to raise for Every Mother Counts and a hopeful sub-1:30 finish on the way. 

How do you learn to negative split each mile during a race? Any tips and tricks or workouts that help you get there? 


  1. Congrats on your day! You looked great doing it too! Wish I could have seen the year the Pumpkin Dash is mine!

    1. Oh golly, my first comment *blushing. I'm holding you to that in 2013, and Love 'em or Leave 'em on v-day, it's on.

  2. Awesome job and w! I'm not the best at negative splitting, but sometimes I think of a race like putting your foot down on a gas pedal and with each mile you are pushing down on the gas just a little bit more. You can't start with your pedal to the metal (is that the saying?!) or you won't have any room to push down on the gas more! Ok, enough for my 4 year old analogies. Can't wait to read about all of your running adventures!

  3. woo hoo! you are goin' in my Google Reader as well! Great job; I love that you snuck up on those two women and kicked past them :) hee.

  4. Congratulations Jackie! Love the blog.