Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Runner-d Holiday Wishlist

First off, where the heck did November go.

'Holiday gift guides' are everywhere right now and it's semi overwhelming. BUT. If you’re like me, you fall in love with every gift you see in holiday magazine issues because after all – it’s in a magazine right? Someone did their research in which case I can sit back and just click.

I’ve searched through Women’s Running, Runners World, Triathlete, Competitor and a few others to see what I really need... want... to get stronger. After my last half marathon in Victoria I’ve been taking a running hiatus, setting down my training log and mixing up my running routine.

This is where the strength part kicks in. I signed up for a few workout classes, ordered a foam roller to grow my PT corner (skinny and sad at the moment), and threw in a few funning runs to keep things interesting. But my wish list has a few gizmos, cozies and nicknacks that would make great gifts for any runner.

1. Free weights... which google tells me are called neoprene dumbbells. I must say buh bye to chicken arms in 2014. Said it in 2013 and that didn't happen, so here's to round two. 5 pounders and 8 pounders (maybeee 10 pounders) should do it. 

2. Randies. How I haven't purchased these yet is beyond me. Seamless and wicking, and a little ris-kay. Love them. 

3. Iron Gym pull up bar. If I have it I would have to use it. 

4. Feetures socks. I saw these at Fleet Feet Tacoma for ladies night. The merino wool is rid-i-cu-lous. Super soft and lightweight. 

5. Lux Pant. As Oiselle calls it, the live-in-all-winter pant. Or as I call them, the sassy-butt-pant. Perfect for pre race warm ups and lounging around. The length option for regular or long is key. 

6. High 10 Shimmel. My new workout classes are calling for this top. Yes it's winter, but it is ideal for any Pure Barre, boot camp, Tabata, yoga... you name it. This one comes with removable cups which I love. And it would be perfect for my December vacay.

7. Self defense spray. Self explanatory. This looked like a good one from Road Runners. I've been getting nervous lately going out in the dark - so instead of spooking myself I choose to just stay in. I miss my early morning runs but need to feel secure first. 

And for my non-runner guilty pleasure.

8. Hibiscus Teakwood Anthropologie Candle. $28 dollars, and worth every penny. The teal color brings summer to the freezing winter and can burn for 85 hours. Hot damn.  

Happy Turkey Day. Good luck to all trotters racing tomorrow. I'll be out there with ya!

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