Sunday, December 30, 2012

Blog from paradise island!

Alohhaaaaa! It's not every day I get to sit on a lanai in Maui and blog about adventures in a tropical paradise.

Before I recap the past few days, quick update on my foot injury. I've been lifting weights and spending some pleasant hours on the elliptical ever since the Seattle Half, trying to heal the nerve pains I've got going on in my left foot. Long story short: I ran three miles today with ZERO PAIN... and still no pain walking around today so far. Praying that this injury biz is over.

What was my cure? Rest, ibuprofen, some PT work early on from Dr. Lesko, foot strengthening exercising, and most importantly... no running (fun eh?).

Now onto my Christmas vaca getaway...
I got to Maui on the 26th: one day after Christmas, one day before my dad turned 53, and six days before my dads second wedding! A lot is happening over here and we've been packing in all the activities before things get crazy with wedding plans.

Here's the shenanigans we've been up to.

A day at the Grand Wailea water park. Filled with rope swings, water elevators, human hamster balls (which is hands down my new favorite way to run), ocean trampoline'ing and water slide after water slide after water slide.
 Sarah and Noah... my soon to be step bro and sis!

Grand Wailea rope swing... Sarah's getting her Jane on!

Notice the trampoline says "STOP" in sharpie to the left of the ladder... mhmmm, clearly we didn't notice it either.

FishPipe. YouTube it if you haven't seen it in action before. It's quite hilarious to watch. The people in control dictate the speed from slow, medium or fast and you have to try and keep up with it. Half the time I was on my butt getting tossed around in this claustrophobic human bubble. It was so much fun (and of course absurdly expensive for a 90 second ride!)

First sunset of the trip.

Dad and daughter :)
And the soon-to-be newly weds at my dad's 53rd birthday dinner. We went to Joe's restaurant, one of our favorite places to eat on Maui. Super good food and a friendly family that owns it.
From left to right: my grandpa Richie, his girlfriend Caroline, my dad Mark, his fiancee Stacy, her son Noah, me, my twin sister Olivia, and little Sarah - at Joe's!
That brings us to this morning. We were off to go snorkeling and paddle boarding and I ended up seeing 2 turtles! Cutest creatures with their huge eyes and awkwardly small hands and feet (I tried to ask them how old they live to be but my tortoise friend wasn't having it). I also saw a bunch of colorful fish and some weird looking bottom creatures that looked like water lizards. Pretty neat-o.

So there's a quick wrap up of three days. Maui has sort of been a second home to me growing up. I've been blessed to have grandparents who bought a place over here in Wailea many many years back, and as tradition in our family we've been coming here since I was a baby. As I've gotten older I've been able to appreciate the beauty that's all around this place, the incredibly friendly people, and of course the delicious food.

My dad is about to make this is a very special place for another reason because he's getting married! Stacy and her two kids, Sarah (9) and Noah (12) will become part of the fam on New Years Eve right in front of my grandpa's place. Super small wedding and very low key, but of course, heavy on the photos. More updates soon!

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